BBA Appoints Strang to Chair Committee for New Lawyer Employment

By on January 5, 2021

Strang Scott is honored to announce the appointment of Christopher Strang as the chair of the Boston Bar Association’s Committee for New Lawyer Employment. This Committee is part of the Boston Bar Association’s Law School Graduate Mentoring Program, which focuses on Bar Coaching and Career Transition Coaching.

The purpose of this committee is to provide guidance to new lawyers in their job searches with advice on resume writing, interviewing, networking and understanding the current landscape of law firms and legal trends in the greater Boston area. The committee utilizes podcasts, blogs and interactive online panels and networking events in order to provide useful content to assist new lawyers navigating a job search during the pandemic. Each new lawyer is also provided an experienced attorney as a personal mentor to more directly address specific needs.

Mr. Strang is passionate about mentoring law students and new attorneys. He has served as a mentor to hundreds of law students and recent graduates over the years and has spoken on dozens of panels advising new lawyers on how to find employment.

Also serving on the committee are:

Jennifer Perrigo, Assistant Dean of Career Services at Boston College Law School
Carla Moynihan, Partner at Sherin & Lodgen
Michael Bamani, Vice President and Counsel at State Street Bank
Nikki Oliveira, Associate at Nutter
Carla Reeves, Associate at Goulston Storrs
 John Jay, Associate at Goodwin

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