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What do you want in your attorney?

At Strang Scott, we’re listening.  And what our clients tell us is that they want a firm that’s at least as responsive, capable and goal-oriented as they are.  Each day we strive to model our own business practices to be like those of our most successful clients. We’re focused on utilizing our resources to advance our clients’ interests in and out of the court room.  We take seriously the financial commitments our clients’ make to their businesses and legal interests, and we’re committed to developing, articulating and executing legal strategies that are goal driven and fiscally efficient.

We will return your phone call or email in a timely fashion, because effective communication is a cornerstone of a powerful partnership in business or in the legal world.  We’re convinced that treating our clients like partners is the best way to understand their goals and prepare legal strategies that address the immediate issues each legal matter presents while contributing to long-term successes.

We won’t spend your money needlessly, because we make conscious efforts to balance costs to our clients while maintaining exceptional legal talent and the resources necessary to satisfy our clients’ legal needs.  Budgetary considerations inform our approach to every legal issue our clients face.  Sometimes cost is a minor consideration, but far more often than not cost is an important factor in the decisions our clients make.  We work hard to develop legal strategies for our clients that are both effective and cost-conscious.

In short, Strang Scott attorneys share in the entrepreneurial spirit our clients rely upon to succeed, and we take great pride in partnering with each client to contribute to their successes while limiting their exposures.

So, how are we doing?

Based on the feedback we’ve received from many our clients, we think we’re on the right track.  But don’t take our word for it.  Instead, take our clients’ words for it:

  • “An extraordinarily effective and trustworthy lawyer.”
  • “We have found … a legal advocate for our company, who provides timely, reasonable and thorough counsel and representation.”
  • “We are an out of state organization and he was always on top of our claim. We ended up collecting 100% of our claim.”
  • “He would listen to my suggestions and work out a strategy that was both practical and beneficial to moving the issue forward.”
  • “He is the voice of reason when I need that outside person to put things in perspective for me.”
  • “His business acumen is second to none. He has a unique way of presenting legal issues in ways that are straight forward and make sense.”
  • “His experience in the construction field is very refreshing and he has a great ability to make the verbiage understandable.”
  • “If you’re looking to work with someone who first seeks to understand your needs [and] then provide a solution, look no further.”
  • “His knowledge and experience with the law, not to mention his patience and humor, allowed him to translate all of the legal explanations and processes so that we could easily understand what was happening at each stage.”
  • “He genuinely cares about his client and will go above and beyond to make sure he gets his job done.”
  • “He is always willing to try a new angle and think outside the box to accomplish the end goal, always with cost effectiveness and customer service in mind.”
  • “We find him to be extremely personable and easy to work with and are happy to have him on our side.”
  • “[H]e practices law for the correct reasons, and although my case didn’t fatten his wallet much, he performed expediently and competently.”

What else do you do?

In addition to addressing our clients’ legal work, our team is very active in our communities.  We are a Sustaining Firm in the Boston Bar Association, promoting professional development and input on law and policy.  Members of our firm are counted as Members of the Society of Fellows in the Boston Bar Foundation, supporting legal services, access to justice and public interest activities.  Our attorneys routinely participate in the community through participation in local government, neighborhood associations, churches, charities and pro bono projects.  We’re also involved in trade groups, business associations and networking groups devoted to the industries in which our clients participate.

When we aren’t working or involved in our civic activities, you might even find us spending time with our clients socially.  Despite the well-established rumor that lawyers are generally boring, we do our best to be interesting people.  Go ahead, ask us.  You might be surprised.