Construction Law

Strang Scott’s construction lawyers assist clients with a variety of disputes involving private and public construction contracts at all stages of the contract process, from initial bidding through post-construction litigation. Our attorneys frequently represent clients in disputes involving failure to make payment, defective work, changed scope of work, change orders, termination, delay, mechanic’s liens and bonds. We have represented the owners of major building projects, homeowners, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, suppliers, tradesmen and manufacturers. Clients turn to us in complex, multi-party actions where the future of the business depends on a favorable outcome.

We provide counsel on an ongoing basis for bids and contracts, and we are equipped to handle claims of deficient or unsatisfactory residential work. While we have extensive experience advocating for our clients in state and federal court, we have also successfully resolved disputes through arbitration and mediation, which is commonly associated with construction cases. Every construction case is different, and it is vital to have attorneys who understand the underlying law, sound buildings practices, general construction principles and the economics of your case. Our understanding of the construction industry allows us to develop long term relationships with our clients, advising them of their risks, suggesting courses of action and providing definitive answers when needed.