Business Litigation

Strang Scott excels in representing owners, directors and officers of public and privately-held corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities and individuals in business litigation. We have an expansive range of experience handling contract claims and business tort litigation, including claims against third parties and intra- company disputes. These disputes often involve fiduciary duties, asset distribution and control over an entity. Our clients approach us when a deal has soured, corporate assets have been misappropriated or simply when business interests are potentially in jeopardy.

Upon taking a case, we work with clients to develop a comprehensive evaluation of the case and to establish an appropriate strategy for resolving the matter efficiently and effectively. When needed, we customize a budget and plan for client matters, and we work closely with clients and in-house counsel to ensure litigation progresses appropriately. This approach facilitates our clients’ understanding of the real-world business risks and consequences associated with litigation. We take pride in delivering a comprehensive, value-driven approach to our clients.