Landlord/Tenant Advising

As attorneys for landlords of all sizes, we advise our clients on management issues including eviction assessments and the handling of security deposits, standardizing effective complaint and repair systems, setting up reliable record-keeping and evidence assembly procedures (in the event a case must be brought or defended in court), and eviction actions. Massachusetts law heavily favors the tenant and therefore it is imperative for a landlord to have competent legal counsel in order to protect themselves through effective contracts and record keeping. Massachusetts has complicated laws regarding security deposits that can lead to stiff penalties if not adhered to. Further, the eviction process itself has strict deadlines and procedural requirements that are necessary to follow in order to ensure an efficient eviction, such as delivering the proper notice-to-quit in order to formally start the eviction process. Upon receiving a call from a client needing an eviction, our attorneys will meet with the client to establish all of the facts (e.g. evaluate tenant damage) and work with bonded constables to serve the eviction papers and secure the earliest possible trial date. By preparing beforehand, and retaining legal counsel familiar with evictions, a landlord will have a much greater likelihood of securing an efficient eviction of a tenant, whether on the basis of nonpayment of rent, other lease breaches, or upon a tenant’s refusal to vacate after a lease has ended. Our landlord/tenant attorneys are also experienced in negotiating with tenants and tenants’ attorneys in order to avoid the cost of an eviction trial, particularly when the tenant has no legal grounds to stay in the premises. Eviction Process