Strang Scott represents employers and employees across industries and in all facets of the employment relationship.  We are sensitive to our clients’ needs to establish effective employment policies and procedures, and to rapidly resolve disputes, while minimizing time, expense, and exposure to liability.

Our employment attorneys counsel employers on various employee issues, including best practices for hiring, classifying, paying, disciplining and terminating.  We assist businesses in drafting internal documents, such as employee handbooks and company policies, and we assist employees in complying with such policies, both before and after termination of employment.  Employment law is ever-changing, and we take pride in advising our clients on developments in the law when they occur.

We represent clients in employment disputes in state and federal courts, and before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). We represent employers and employees in connection with wage and hour issues, including Massachusetts Wage Act claims, overtime claims, and classification of independent contractor status.

Properly classifying and compensating employees is a vital to every business. Because Massachusetts levies stiff penalties for violations, compliance with the law is not only smart business but a financial necessity for our clients. In the event that you have questions regarding compliance or other employment issues, contact Strang Scott to schedule an appointment to assess your legal needs.