Commercial Leasing

We represent both landlords and tenants in all facets of commercial real estate leasing. Unfortunately, many traditional “transactional” attorneys only have an academic understanding of the potential pitfalls in litigation. Because we are both litigation and transactional attorneys, we understand the critical details involved in each transaction. While the goal is to complete every commercial transaction as smoothly as possible, it is important that we are cognizant of what can ultimately go wrong and therefore not ignore the critical details. From the onset of any commercial leasing transaction, we assist our clients in conducting the necessary due diligence about the property, the other parties involved and the potential use of the space. Once the preliminary due diligence is complete, we prepare and negotiate letters of intent and specific commercial lease provision. Throughout the duration of the lease, we continue to advise clients of their respective rights under the lease and the law. Sometimes, even with the best lease provisions, litigation becomes necessary. Litigation in commercial leases often involves either the eviction of a tenant or a civil suit based upon some other violation of the lease. Given the value of commercial property in Massachusetts, it is critical to engage the right attorney to handle the litigation process. As such, we encourage our clients to contact at the early stages so that they, and we, can best protect their interests.