Massachusetts Wage Act

Every employer and employee in Massachusetts should be aware of the “Wage Act”, also known as the Weekly Wage Law (c. 149, sec. 148 et seq.).  This law governs wages paid to employees, and is part of a series of robust employment laws aimed at protecting employees.  This post is the first in a series […]...

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To Lien or Not to Lien

Mechanic’s Liens and the Plight of the MA Subcontractor The Fundamentals In laymen’s terms, a mechanic’s lien is a tool whereby a subcontractor can attach a security interest on property that it has contracted to do work on. This lien operates to protect the subcontractor’s interest in payment for work provided in the event that […]...

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Evicting a Tenant in Boston

We often hear from clients that because Boston is so tenant-friendly, it is nearly impossible to evict a bad tenant. While the Massachusetts landlord/tenant laws are certainly protective of tenants, a savvy landlord can remove a delinquent tenant in nearly the same time as other states. The key to any speedy eviction is making sure […]...

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